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The MastermindHive is a curated group of entrepreneurs that support one another to collectively achieve personal and business goals. By tapping into the expertise, experience, and energy of the collective group, each member ends up more powerful than they would be on their own. 

Successful Masterminds are not open-to-everyone Facebook groups trying to get you to continuously buy the next “popular” course or a coaching program linked to a curriculum that’s led by a goo-roo or coach. That is someone elses (not yours) marketing channel and echo chamber.

Successful Masterminds are made up of open minded people with similar interests who commit to show up for their own success and are open to helping others succeed as well. We win better together.


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Mastermind groups by their very nature are brain-trusts made up of like-minded individuals.

Online entrepreneurs and professionals in smaller organizations experience isolation as a fact of daily life. With the right community and the right mastermind group, you can reverse much of the negative side-effects caused by this lonely feeling.

Get Early Access so you can dive deep into group ideation, unpack the genius within, and deliver your best unhindered work with help from the MastermindHive.

(some) Benefits of the Mastermindhive membership

Peer Accountability

Forum for Unpacking Your Genius

Crush Powerful Goals

Shared Endeavour

Honest Feedback Sessions

Extend Your Personal Network

Get Clear and Focused

Group Support

Like-Minded Passionate Community

Ideate with Constructive Feedback

Deliver Your Greatest Work

Masterminds work

A successful Mastermind group eventually becomes much more than a group of people that only meet at predetermined times. It morphs into a support group and often, into a close circle of friends where group members communicate whenever they are in need of some advice. 

Digital Mastermind cohorts

Get matched with vetted members in a Digital Mastermind or Accountability Cohort.

These are peer mentoring engagements where members provide an accountable space in order to push, support, and guide each other.

mastermindhive live community

Share goals and motivations, progress updates, help each other figure out solutions, and sincerely encourage each other. 

24/7 mastermind digital hangout

Any member may connect at any time to this 24/7 instant MastermindHive hangout. Purposeful conversations are just a click away. Weekly digital mixers are held to encourage members to meet and connect.

what others are saying About masterminds

I absolutely know that I would not be where I’m at today if it weren’t for my participation in a mastermind group.

Pat Flynn

I’ve interviewed over 500 millionaires and over and over it came up again that a key mentor or a mastermind group helped their success exponentially.

Jamie Masters


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